CSKA to face Partizan tomorrow

Today at 10:00am Moscow time, CSKA arrived in the Yugoslavian capital of Belgrade, where the 9th game of the Euroleague will take place between CSKA and the home team, Partizan.

Twelve players have traveled to Belgrade for CSKA: forwards Sergey Panov, Viktor Khryapa, Sergey Monya, and Andrey Sheyko; centers Victor Alexander and Aleksander Bashminov; guards John Robert Holden, Evgeniy and Zakhar Pashutin, Nikos Hatzivrettas, Teodoras Papaloukas and Nikolay Padius.

CSKA landed on time in Belgrade (the team took a regular Aeroflot flight this time), although the departure from Moscow was slightly delayed. CSKA was met by a light drizzle and snow in the Yugoslavian capital. The difference with Moscow was noticeable, however, only by the air temperature - it is a bit warmer in Belgrade. But aside from the weather, the Army team's Yugoslavian coaches Dusan Ivkovic and Ivan Eremic were clearly happy to return to the motherland. By the way, it turns out that since Ivkovic has been working in Russia, he has taken a serious interest in Russian culture. The CSKA head coach said that currently in Belgrad there is an exhibition under the patronage of Moscow mayor Yuriy Luzhkov which he would like to visit, though it is unlikely that there will be enough time for that.

In the Pionir Playing Hall, CSKA will have two practices: a longer (90 minutes) one in the evening and a shorter one in the morning. Besides that, the team will look at two Partizan game films.

There will be no changes in the opponents' roster. However, it should be noted that after the blowout loss in Moscow (93-57), the Yugoslavian team promised to take revenge on CSKA. There's nothing left to do but wait for tomorrow's game to see how it turns out.