Day one: unpleasant events with excellent conclusions

The first incident in the Belgrade training camp occurred with one of the coaches already in Moscow. One of the CSKA coaches, Ivan Eremic, was attacked near his home by a stray dog and spent several unpleasant minutes standing on the hood of his car. The dog tried to attack the Yugoslavs means of transportation, but then reconsidered and gave Egemic the opportunity to join the tea.

The Army players and their families should have arrived at the meeting Place - at the service entrance of the USC CSKA - very early. At 6:30am (Moscow time). The players and their wives looked a bit disheveled so early in the morning, and the children appeared clearly unaccustomed to be forced to be up so early. For example, CSKA forward Victor Alexanders daughter looked so sleepy that her mother could barely drag her from the car to the bus.

By they way, the bus for the CSKA delegation, which was supposed to carry more than 40 people, wasnt big enough. For this reason it was necessary to send for a mini-bus for Viktor Khryapa and his girlfriend and Darius Songaila and his wife and their dog. The six-month old house-pet had to be taken with them. There was no one to leave it with in Moscow.

Head Coach Dusan Ivkovic, when he found out from the Songailas what their puppys name was, how old he was and whether he flew to America with Darius, assumed that the information would come in handy in the near future, and that Songailas dogs life will depend on him But it didnt turn out like that.

CSKA traveled without problems to Sheremetevo 2 and went through customs and ticket registration. However, when the first 20 army players went through to the passport control zone, it turned out that there were no more seats on the airplane, although they had sold more tickets.

In a hurried fashion it was necessary to send Darius Songaylas dog together with the 20 who had already gone through registration. A place had been reserved for it earlier and it wouldnt be able to get on a different plane. The hope still remained that the rest of the group would be able to join their teammates on the second plane - not Aeroflot, but rather Yugoslavian Airlines - but the necessary number of seats were not available. It was necessary to buy other tickets. In the end, 20 Army players flew to Belgrade via Paris and arrived in the Yugoslavian capital only in the evening, 21:35 Moscow time.

Dusan Ivkovic tried to shorten the amount of time that the players on the direct flight (Sergey Panyov, Andrey Sheyko, Viktor Khryapa, Sergey Monya, J.R. Holden and Victor Alexander) would have to wait for their teammates with an evening practice. Regardless of what the incidents were, today the Army team has a friendly game, meaning there will be no time to relax.