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General terms

Cookies are small text files that are sent by the web server and saved by the Users digital gadget (Computer, tablet PC, Smartphone). Every time there is an attempt to open a website page, the web client sends this data fragment back to the web server within the HTTP request. Cookie files are not a program code, they cannot delete or read data on the Users digital gadget.

They are used for collection of statistics data that allows to define what website sections are more attractive for attendees, as well as to improve using of website (e.g. saving personal settings or authentication of previously authorized User).

User may reject using Cookies by choosing corresponding settings of his browser. Although cookies blocking may seriously effect functional opportunities of the website.

Using the website without any website settings changes, the User provides Professional Basketball Club LLC with his agreement to use Cookies.

Cookie files used for our website attendees

1. Analytical Cookie: we use several systems for statistics gathering. This data helps us to evaluate the scale and preferences of our audience. Analytics is gathered by our partners Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika:

2. Technical Cookies are necessary to support operation of personalized services website. They give opportunity to support authentication of users access to personalized services, including guestbook, contests, home game tickets purchase, etc. There would be no opportunity to use services without technical cookies.

3. Third party Cookies: Our website uses some third parties service widgets which may send cookie files to the Users digital gadget when he uses their services on this website or if the User has already entered his login on the third party website.

You can use the following links to learn about Confidentiality Policy of these services:

Change of Users web browser settings

Using web browser settings you can delete saved cookie files or prohibit their saving on your device: